Thomas Bayrle Car Artwork in Manhattan


A pioneer of Pop and Conceptual Art in West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s, Thomas Bayrle investigates the power of images in the context of advertising and mass iconography. For more than five decades, he has generated works composed by assembling myriad small, often distorted images that highlight, at times metaphorically, the relationship between individual forms and mass.

For the High Line, Bayrle presents American Dream, a visual illusion of a classic Chrysler sedan, generated through hundreds of warped stars featuring the car company’s iconic logo. The image is taken from a 1970 drawing by the artist. Fascinated by Western contemporary society’s obsession with cars, highways, traffic, and roads, Bayrle’s image fuses political commentaries on capitalism and American car culture, while at the same time reflecting on the role of advertising.

Source: High Line Art

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