Yesterday’s “Cars of Tomorrow”


The major American automobile companies have created concept cars or “cars of the future” since the 1930s. Throughout the years, the greatest automotive designers such as Harley Earl, John DeLorean, Virgil Exner, and Rust Heinz have stretched their imaginations to the limit; some with great success like the Corvette and Firebird. Others succeeded as paeans to great weirdness only, like the Ford Nucleon. And then there were the outside mavericks like R. Buckminister Fuller.

Instead of a steering wheel, 1954’s Ford FX-Atmos had two pistol-butt hand-grips which was claimed to have better steering control than a wheel. The FX-Atmos concept model was also non-operational. Most notable about it was the body design. The Ford FX-Atmos was a dead ringer for the spacecraft in “The Jetsons”, the animated series that debuted eight years later in 1962. Like the FX-Atmos, the Jetsons’ craft had a long torpedo-shaped metallic body with a glass bubble roof.

Source: Yahoo! Voices & Car Styling

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