A look back at a true American classic: the 1977-79 Lincoln Continental Mark V

1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V bill blass

A star during the 1970s boom in “personal luxury” cars, 1977-1979 Lincoln Mark Vs are highly sought after today for their clean styling and last-of-their-kind extra large dimensions. By the 1979 model year, every other make and model large car sold in the United States had been downsized to meet 1980 fuel economy regulations except Lincoln, which held on for one final year, truly making them making them worthy of the phrase “Old School’s last graduate”.


The 1977-79 Lincoln Mark V is decidedly old-school.  Truly the last 1979 passenger car 80 inches wide and 230 inches long with fuel economy barely in the double digits, and with a design putting styling over aerodynamics….the Mark V embodies what traditional “American luxury cars” were known for since the dawn of the automobile.



A handsome car in its day, the V’s elegant and crisp lines have stood the test of time well making it a period piece that still turns heads today.  Produced for only three model years, many collectors consider it as recognizable an icon today as a 1955-57 Ford Thunderbird, a 1964-66 Mustang, a 1968-70 Dodge Charger (Dukes of Hazzard), or even a 1995-97 Ferrari F50…all vehicles with three-year model runs also.

Source: Classic Cars Today Online


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