The 1974 Lamborghini Bravo Concept Car


The Bravo was a very low-slung car, with several stylistic references to the Countach; the new styled wheels on the Bravo, among other things, would later end up on the Countach. The Bravo name was another reference to the raging bull emblem, a return after the LP400 Countach, whose name was in no way connected to a bull. Like the Countach, the Bravo was a futuristic looking car, but it was completely functional. This prototype even ran more than 40,000 very hard test-miles before it ended up in the Bertone museum. The Bravo used a completely new design for the window arrangement, they were rather dark and the front windscreen seemed to continue into the side windows without any windshield post being shown, this created an impressive effect of continuity, the side windows actually went straight into the rear air intakes.


Another styling feature were the front and rear hoods, by using rectangular air intakes, and continuing this same design for the pop-up headlamps together with the all-new ‘five-cylinders’-theme wheels that were later used on the Countach and the Silhouette, the Bravo looked very good, and at some time even production of this car was possible, but in the end it wasn’t commercialized.


Source: LamboCars

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