More about the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone Concept Car



The Cyclone looked more like a jet aircraft than a car, its two fenders resembling rockets. The two flat door Segments could be slid back. The revolutionary design was matched by the radar-sensing crash avoidance system and the Plexiglas bubble-top that automatically closed when its sensor detected rain.


The Cyclone Concept was designed to test styling and engineering ideas. The 2-passenger concept had a clear plastic cover that fit snugly against the panoramic windshield for a true 360 degree vision. When not in use, the power operated canopy folds backward beneath the surface of the trunk. At the touch of a button, Cyclone’s doors move outward 3 inches from the car, and slide back smoothly on ball bearings for easy entrance. Among its advanced features is a radar sensing device, located in the twin nose cones, which scans the road ahead, and electronically alerts the driver wîth an audible signal and a warning light if an object is in its path. The dash instruments are clustered like an aircraft dashboard, between the two passengers. An intercommunication system allows the passengers to converse with persons outside the automobile without raising the canopy.


Source: ConceptcarZ


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