Sports Cars of the 1960s


The sports cars of the 1960s arrived during a turbulent time. American scholars have been dissecting the 1960s almost since the decade ended, and they still debate what happened then and why. But though the analysts may differ in their conclusions, all could agree on one point: The 1960s was an extraordinarily eventful era that profoundly transformed American life. And the same was true for America’s automotive scene. Perhaps the most significant change there was the sharp market growth that occurred once all those “boomers” started buying cars. From a decade low of 5.8 million units in 1961, total U.S. car sales reached an all-time high of nearly 9.4 million in 1969 — a near 31-percent increase over previous-best 1955. This and changing public tastes prompted U.S. automakers to branch out from traditional “standard” models, first with European-inspired “compacts” for 1960, then somewhat larger “intermediates.”

Source: HowStuffWorks

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