Dodge Viper Concept 1967


The Dodge Viper Concept 1967 is an original project by Brazilian Rafael Reston, who proposes his vision of what the Dodge Viper could have looked like if it had been designed in the late 1960s. As Rafael Reston explains, “The design of the Viper Concept 1967 came from the idea of how the car would had been if it had appeared in the 60′s to compete with the Corvette of the time.” Starting from that idea, he made an extensive research on materials and construction techniques of the 60s, and on the design trends of the time. Styling cues of the Viper Concept 1967 include large circular headlamps, 15-inches rims, many chromed trims and curved surfaces. These were mixed with the typical design elements of the modern Dodge Viper, such as the curved roof, the side air vents and the overall proportions, with the huge dominating hood and the driver seating almost on the rear axle.

Dodge-Viper-1967-rendering-04-lg Dodge-Viper-1967-Sketch-board-lg

Source: car body design


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