Raymond Loewy Jaguar


Loewy acquired a Jaguar XK140 (car 814096), which had almost the same wheelbase and track as the Ferrari.  The car was stripped to the chassis, and the Boano body was fitted to it. Adjustments had to be made to accommodate the slightly shorter wheelbase and taller XK motor (thus the hood bulge). The result wasn’t entirely satisfactory. The car was shown at the Paris salon in October 1955. It was shown without the bumpers, as the designers were still struggling with them. It doesn’t seem to have attracted much notice. Loewy had a residence  in Paris, and used the car there following the show, before bringing it home to New York in 1956. In 1957, he was persuaded to sell the car to Archie Moore, then the light heavyweight champ. The price was reported to be $25,000, which was a lot of persuasion back then.


Source: WestNet


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