Corvette Vigilante Chases And Helps Catch New Mexico Cop Shooter


A car wash owner that isn’t Walter White in Albuquerque, New Mexico witnessed a man shooting a cop and then stealing his cruiser. And instead of standing idly by, he jumped into his modified C5 Corvette and chased the shooter down. And that’s because Corvette owners know what’s up. The car wash owner witnessed Christopher Chase shoot the ABQ police officer in the leg and then take off in the officer’s cop car. Instead of just calling the police, the owner decided to help the best he could. He hopped in his ‘Vette, got on the phone with the police, and took off in pursuit of the stolen cruiser. At first the chase was slow, but then Chase opened fire on another cop car and speeds went up to 100 MPH. Corvettes can go 100 MPH, so he kept on the chase and relayed the location to police until they were able to catch up. 911 had told him to not chase the guy down and to pull over, but the car wash owner has relatives on the police force, and he wasn’t about to let this guy get away. Good on you Chris.

Source: Jalopnik

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