VW Golf MkVII: What’s its history, and is it any good?


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The Volkswagen Golf is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic cars ever made. For nearly four decades it’s been bimbling around our roads ferrying families, middle managers, new drivers, and pretty much anyone, actually, to their destinations. It launched in 1974 as a successor to the Volkswagen Beetle. The Bug’s rear-engine/RWD setup wasn’t the most reliable of things, and consumers wanted something that was more likely to, erm, work. Using FWD know-how from recently acquired Audi, VW set to work designing its new do-all motor, the Golf. It had to look good, carry things, and be fun to drive. You know, it had to be the best thing since sliced bread and not break. The car was an instant hit with pretty much everyone and swiftly became an icon.


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